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Terms & Conditions

General and Standard Terms
1. Our terms and conditions (“the Terms”) consist of:
1.1 General Terms which apply to all the services which we offer and the particular set of those industry Standard Terms set out in clause 6 of these General Terms below which is applicable to the service for which we are engaged.
1.2 The applicable Standard Terms are incorporated into the Terms to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the General Terms.

Incorporation of Terms
2. Subject to any variation under clause 2.2 the contract between us shall be on the Terms to the exclusion of all other contrary terms and conditions (including any terms or conditions which you may purport to apply under any purchase order, confirmation of order, specification or other document).
2.1 No terms or conditions endorsed on, delivered with or contained in your purchase order, confirmation of order, specification or other document shall, form part of the contract between us simply as a result of such document being referred to in the contract.
2.2 Any variation to the Terms and any representations about the services to be provided by us shall have no effect unless expressly agreed in writing and signed by a director of On Logistics Ltd.
2.3 Each order or acceptance of a quotation for services by you shall be deemed to be an offer by you to buy services subject to the Terms.
2.4 No order placed by you shall be deemed to be accepted by us until a written acknowledgement of order is issued by us or (if earlier) we perform the services.

Limitation of our liability to you
3. Other than in relation to parcel services for which our liability is as set out in clause 7, our liability to you is limited as set out in the relevant Standard Terms. This applies whether we act as your agent or your supplier provided that nothing in the Terms shall exclude any liability of ours for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for fraud or for fraudulent misrepresentation by us or our employees.
3.1 You should arrange insurance on the basis of the liability position set out in clause 3.
3.2 Alternatively, if you do not agree to the limitation of our liability set out in these Terms, you must notify us in writing before we are instructed by you so we can then investigate and discuss with you, and will advise if the limitation on liability may be varied and at what additional cost to you.

4. Unless otherwise stated, charges shown are exclusive of value added tax (“VAT”) and of any fee or charge which may be imposed from time to time by any Government or other authority.
4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, our charges to you are governed by our nominated carriers and can change from time to time at a frequency decided by our carriers. When charges change we reserve the right to either raise or reduce your charges in writing giving no less than 14 days’ notice.

Payment terms
5. Unless or until we agree to set up a customer account for you, payment is due to us in cash or by cheque on delivery of the services.
5.1 For customers with an existing account with us, our payment terms are 30 days from the date of our invoice provided that if any reasonable query in relation to payment of an invoice is notified to us in writing within 7 working days, the terms shall be 21 days of the date of our written response to the query. The time for payment is of the essence.
5.2 In the event of delay in payment of an invoice (other than as provided in clause 5.1), we reserve the right to suspend any existing or decline any further work for you at any time.
5.3 All payments to be received within 30 days from the invoice date, net cheques are accepted but BACS payment is preferred.

5.4 On Logistics Ltd
Bank: HSBC Bank PLC Sort-code: 40-11-18
Account Number: 35726115

Industry Standard Terms
6. The industry’s Standard Terms applicable to specific services provided by us are:
RHA – Road Haulage Association Limited Condition of Carriage 1998 – applicable for road transport services within the United Kingdom and for the purposes of which we are “the Carrier” and you are “the Customer”;
CMR – Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, 19 May 1956 – applicable for non-UK, international road transport services, where you are “the Sender” and we are “the Carrier”‘
UKWA – United Kingdom Warehousing Association Contract Conditions – for warehousing or storage of goods, where we are “the Company” and you are “the Customer”
6.1 The above Standard Terms are generally available on the internet. If you have difficulty in locating Standard Terms or require us to provide a copy, you should notify us before instructing us and we will then provide a copy.
6.2 Where we are instructed to provide services which involve more than one of the services set out in clause 6, then to the extent that in relation to the issue in question the Standard Terms are inconsistent (and notwithstanding any contrary provision in relation to priority set out in any Standard Terms) they shall be applied in the following order of priority:

Parcel Services
7. In all circumstances where we provide parcel delivery services we will do so as your agent and the terms of business applying between you and the carrier instructed by us in our discretion on your behalf will be the terms of the carrier. Subject to the exclusions set out in paragraph 3 of these General Terms our liability to you in relation to parcel delivery services shall be limited to £100 or £10 per kilogram of the goods carried by us for you whichever is the lower.
7.1 Any claim which you have against us in relation to lost or damaged parcels should be sent to us in writing (which includes sending us notice to our email or facsimile addresses) within the following time limits:
7.2 For goods with a delivery address within the UK, we must receive notice of your claim within three working days of the scheduled delivery date and receive full details of your actual claim within seven working days of the scheduled delivery date.
7.3 For all other claims not covered in clause 7.1 and 7.2; we must receive notice of the claim within five working days of the scheduled delivery date and full details of the actual claim within ten working days of the scheduled delivery date.

Fuel Surcharges
8. There is a fuel surcharge payable on all road transport services which we supply to you linked to the cost of fuel. The fuel surcharge is calculated as a percentage of the net invoice value to you (before the surcharge and VAT). The applicable percentage value of the surcharge is the percentage rate as shown from time to time on our website (or available from us on request) at the date of our invoice.

GDPR Terms and Conditions
9. This Addendum is entered into on the date of the signature and is supplemental to all terms and conditions currently in place between
the Customer and On Logistics Ltd but replaces any provisions in such terms and conditions relating to the processing of Personal Data
by On Logistics Ltd.

1. The following definitions will apply:
On Logistics Ltd” means the contracting party set out in the Original Agreement.
Applicable Law” means the laws of England and Wales (and any EU regulations from time-to-time applicable (i) whilst the United Kingdom
remains a member of the European Union or (ii) subsequently under the terms of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill);
Controller” has the meaning set out in the Data Protection Legislation;
Customer” means the contracting party set out in the signature block at the end of this Addendum;
Data Loss Event” means any event that results, or may result, in unauthorized access to Personal Data held by On Logistics Ltd, and/or
actual or potential loss and/or destruction of Personal Data in breach of the Clause DP, including any Personal Data Breach;
Data Protection Legislation” means all applicable privacy or data protection laws and regulations (as amended, consolidated or re-enacted
from time-to-time) which relate to the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data to which a party is subject,
including the Data Protection Act 1998 (as may be superseded) and GDPR (on and from 25 May 2018) for as long as any of the above are
incorporated into Applicable Law together with any guidance and/or codes of practice issued from time-to-time by the Information
Data Subject” has the meaning set out in the Data Protection Legislation;
Data Subject Access Request” means a request made by, or on behalf of, a Data Subject in accordance with rights granted pursuant to the
Data Protection Legislation to access their Personal Data;
“EEA” means the European Economic Area;

GDPR” means Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons
with regard to the processing of personal data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) OJ L 119/1, 4.5.2016;
Holding Company” means On Logistics Ltd (Company No 5109086) whose registered office is at Unit 23 Elmdon Trading Estate, Bickenhill
Lane, Solihull, B37 7HE;
“Original Agreement” the terms and conditions currently in force between the parties;
Personal Data” has the meaning set out in the Data Protection Legislation and includes (but is not limited to) special categories of personal
data which reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, trade union membership or
the processing of genetic or biometric data, for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person;
Personal Data Breach” has the meaning set out in the Data Protection Legislation;
Processor” has the meaning set out in the Data Protection Legislation;
Security Measures” means appropriate technical and organizational measures which are set out in the service description (or other relevant
documentation available) for the relevant products or services provided by the Processor;
Sub-processor” means any third party appointed to process Personal Data on behalf of On Logistics Ltd related to the Original Agreement.

In consideration of the ongoing provision of any services by On Logistics Ltd after 25th May 2018, the terms of this Addendum will be
incorporated into the Original Agreement.

2. Notwithstanding any provisions in the Original Agreement relating to the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of
Personal Data, such provisions will be superseded in their entirety and replaced by the following new Clause DP.

3. The following new Clause DP will be inserted into the Original Agreement, as follows:

DP.1 The parties acknowledge that for the purposes of the Data Protection Legislation, the Customer is the Controller and On Logistics Ltd is
the Processor.
DP.2 On Logistics Ltd shall notify the Customer immediately if it considers that any of the Customer’s instructions infringe the Data Protection
DP.3 On Logistics Ltd shall provide reasonable assistance to the Customer in relation to compliance with the Data Protection Legislation.
DP.4 On Logistics Ltd shall, in relation to any Personal Data processed in connection with its obligations to the Customer:
DP.4.1 process that Personal Data only in accordance with the Schedule below, unless On Logistics Ltd is required to do otherwise by
Applicable Law. If it is so required, On Logistics Ltd shall promptly notify the Customer before processing the Personal Data unless prohibited
by Applicable Law;
DP.4.2 ensure that it has Security Measures in place (available on request) and the Customer hereby confirms that such Security Measures
are appropriate to protect against a Data Loss Event having taken into account the:
DP.4.2.1 nature of the Personal Data to be protected;
DP.4.2.2 harm that might result from a Data Loss Event;
DP.4.2.3 state of technological development;
DP.4.2.4 cost of implementing any additional measures;
DP.4.3 In relation to the clauses above, the Controller is responsible (as between the parties and to Data Subjects and supervisory authorities)
DP.4.3.1 ensuring that Data Subjects have given appropriate consent to the processing of any Personal Data by the Processor;
DP.4.3.2 ensuring the Security Measures meet the GDPR standard of appropriateness;
DP.4.3.3 claims or complaints resulting from On Logistics Ltd.’s actions to the extent that such actions directly result from instructions received
from the Customer.
In relation to DP.4.3.2, the parties acknowledge that the Processor may not be able to assess what measures are appropriate to the Controller’s
Personal Data (since the data is collected and processed for the purposes of the Controller’s and not the Processor’s business). The Controller
may select chargeable services for additional security measures which exceed the standard security measures provided by the Processor.
DP.4.4 ensures that: On Logistics Ltd personnel do not process Personal Data except in accordance with this Clause DP (and in particular the
Schedule below);
DP.4.4.2 it takes all reasonable steps to ensure the reliability and integrity of any On Logistics Ltd or third-party personnel who have access to
the Personal Data and ensure that they:

(i) are aware of and comply with On Logistics Ltd.’s duties under this clause;
(ii) are subject to appropriate confidentiality undertakings with On Logistics Ltd or any Sub-processor;
(iii) are informed of the confidential nature of the Personal Data and do not publish, disclose or divulge any of the Personal Data to any
third party unless directed in writing to do so by the Customer or as otherwise permitted hereunder; and
DP.4.5 not transfer Personal Data outside of the EEA unless the prior written consent of the Customer has been obtained and the following
conditions are fulfilled:
DP.4.5.1 the Customer or On Logistics Ltd has provided appropriate safeguards in relation to the transfer (in accordance with GDPR Article

46) as determined by the Customer;
DP.4.5.2 the Data Subject has enforceable rights and effective legal remedies;
DP.4.5.3 On Logistics Ltd complies with its obligations under the Data Protection Legislation by providing an adequate level of protection to
any Personal Data that is transferred (or, if it is not so bound, uses all reasonable endeavors to assist the Customer in meeting its obligations);
DP.4.5.4 On Logistics Ltd complies with any reasonable instructions notified to it in advance by the Customer with respect to the processing of
the Personal Data;
IT BEING ACCEPTED by the Customer that:
DP.4.5.5 it is technically possible for hosted systems to be accessed by the Customer from outside the EEA
DP.4.5.6 the Customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary consent from Data Subjects in relation to any access by the Customer or
licensed third parties to such hosted systems from outside the EEA; and
DP.4.5.7 the Customer is liable for any complaints or claims by Data Subjects or third parties resulting from such access.
DP.4.6 at the written direction of the Customer, delete or return Personal Data (and any copies of it) to the Customer on termination unless On
Logistics Ltd is required by Applicable Law to retain the PersonalData.
DP.5 Subject to Clause DP.4, On Logistics Ltd shall notify the Customer immediately if it:
DP.5.1 receives a Data Subject Access Request (or purported Data Subject Access Request) relevant to the Customer;
DP.5.2 receives a request to rectify, block or erase any Personal Data relevant to the Customer;
DP.5.3 receives any other request, complaint or communication relating to either party’s obligations under the Data Protection Legislation;
DP.5.4 receives any communication from the Information Commissioner or any other regulatory authority in connection with Personal Data,
relevant to the Customer, processed hereunder;
DP.5.5 receives a request from any third party relevant to the Customer for disclosure of Personal Data where compliance with such request
is required or purported to be required by Applicable Law; or
DP.5.6 becomes aware of a Data Loss Event relevant to the Customer.
DP.6 On Logistics Ltd.’s obligation to notify under Clause DP.7 shall include the provision of further information to the Customer in phases, as
details become available.
DP.7 Taking into account the nature of the processing, On Logistics Ltd shall provide the Customer with full assistance in relation to either
party’s obligations under Data Protection Legislation and any complaint, communication or request made under Clause DP.7 (within the
timescales agreed between the parties) including by promptly providing:
DP.7.1 the Customer with full details and copies of the complaint, communication or request;
DP.7.2 such assistance as is reasonably requested by the Customer to enable the Customer to comply with a Data Subject Access Request
within the relevant timescales set out in the Data Protection Legislation;
DP.7.3 the Customer, at its request, with any Personal Data it holds in relation to a dataSubject;
DP.7.4 assistance as requested by the Customer following any Data Loss Event;
DP.7.5 assistance as requested by the Customer with respect to any request from the Information Commissioner’s Office, or any consultation
by the Customer with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
DP.8 On Logistics Ltd shall maintain complete and accurate records and information to demonstrate its compliance with Article 30 of GDPR.
DP.9 On Logistics Ltd shall allow for audits of its security measures and data processing activities by the Customer or the Customer’s
designated auditor at reasonable times and on reasonable notice.
DP.10 For the avoidance of doubt, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Original Agreement, each party accepts liability for loss of
Personal Data to the extent that the loss of Personal Data is caused by a material breach by such party of their data processing obligations
under Applicable Law

4. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set out in the Original Agreement, to the extent that there is any duplication or conflict between
definitions or clauses used in the Original Agreement and this Addendum, the definitions and clauses set out in this Addendum will
apply and take precedence. In all other respects the Original Agreement as amended by this Addendum shall continue in full force and

5. Each party confirms that their signatory set out below is a duly authorized representative and authorized to act on behalf of the relevant
party. All the terms of Clause DP are expressly confirmed and consented to by the Customer hereunder.

6. This Addendum is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of
England and Wales.