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B2B Fulfilment such as selling directly to retailers or wholesalers fulfilment model can differ significantly from the direct-to-customer approach. At OnLogistics, your business can benefit from outsourced fulfilment specialists who have the experience to support you in various ways:

  • Labelling: Our team works according to your specific requirements, ensuring items, pallets, or containers are labelled as needed for each despatch.

  • Collections: With our own transport fleet and multi-carrier arrangements, we facilitate direct consignments and collections with retailers, making the process seamless.

  • Integrations: Our platforms enable retailers to sell your products alongside their own while fulfilling their direct-to-customer needs.

  • Inventory: Our comprehensive warehouse management system handles the management and storage of inventory lines, providing you with complete visibility from receipt to delivery.

  • Import services: Utilising relationships with our partners, we efficiently handle goods directly from overseas manufacturers and manage the entire import process, including customs clearance.

  • Drop-shipping: We streamline the drop-shipping process by managing inventory and fulfilling orders on behalf of retailers or directly to the end customer.

At OnLogistics, we are committed to providing tailored B2B Fulfilment support to meet the unique requirements of your business in the retail and wholesale market.


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Why Choose OnLogistics for Wholesale and B2B Fulfilment

When you partner with OnLogistics for your B2B fulfilment needs, you gain access to our extensive expertise in both retail and e-commerce, catering to both consumer orders and business-to-business transactions. 

Our focus on B2B fulfilment, along with our specialised teams, enables us to optimise cost efficiencies and enhance revenue opportunities throughout the entire process. 

We understand the significance of key elements in bulk fulfilment, including:

  • Regular bulk order volumes: Our robust infrastructure and streamlined processes are designed to handle high-volume orders effectively, ensuring efficient fulfilment of your regular bulk orders.

  • Specialist labelling: Our experienced team is well-versed in the requirements of specialist labelling, ensuring that your products are accurately labelled according to the specific needs of each order.

  • Direct retailer collections: With our own transport fleet and strong relationships with retailers, we facilitate direct collections, ensuring smooth and timely deliveries to your retail partners.

  • Higher-order values: Recognising the importance of higher-value orders, we prioritise their handling to ensure meticulous attention to detail and safeguarding against potential issues.

At OnLogistics, we assign dedicated account managers to provide you with personalised guidance and support. 

They are equipped with the expertise to advise you appropriately, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled promptly and efficiently, and that your business experiences continued success.

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