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Many eCommerce businesses offer products that are composed of individual components. Kitting and assembly is the process of consolidating multiple units and assembling them into a cohesive SKU before they are ultimately ordered by customers.

Within of eCommerce, numerous businesses offer products that are composed of individual components sourced from different suppliers or elements of the product portfolio to comprise one item, i.e., a gift box.

To facilitate efficient order fulfilment, a proficient provider specialising in kitting and assembly services, like OnLogistics, assumes the responsibility of taking diverse products or units and expertly bundling them into one comprehensive SKU.

While kitting and assembly are often used interchangeably, it is important to acknowledge a subtle yet meaningful distinction between the two terms.

Kitting typically refers to the gathering and packaging of individual items together, while assembly implies a more intricate process that may involve combining, attaching, or integrating various components to create a final product or SKU.

By understanding this distinction, businesses can effectively communicate their specific requirements to providers like OnLogistics, ensuring seamless order fulfilment and customer satisfaction.



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Enhance Product Quality and Branding with OnLogistics’ Re-work Services: Trust us to meticulously rework your products to meet your precise standards before they are dispatched to your valued customers.

Whether your products come directly from manufacturers or suppliers, there is often a need for re-labelling or re-packaging to align with specific requirements.

Frequently, goods arrive “out of gauge” and non-compliant, necessitating labelling and packaging before reaching the end consumer.

Partnering with OnLogistics for Re-work brings several benefits:

  1. Re-labelling stock: Our expertise allows us to make your products “retail ready” by affixing the necessary labels, including sewing in new labels, adding tags, or modifying outer packaging.
  2. Re-packing: We skilfully repackage your items from their original packaging into your branded boxes or bags, ensuring delivery to your customers showcases your brand name and meets your meticulous specifications.
  3. Barcode printing: Our services encompass barcode printing and application, whether directly onto the item, the outer bag, or as an overlay, precisely as per your desired specifications.

With OnLogistics, you can elevate product quality, align with branding requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction. Trust our expertise to deliver exceptional results.